Reliable Custom Souvenirs


Real Time is a premier souvenir supplier in the United States. We take great pride in offering quality products at a competitive price. All of our product lines are proven performers with a successful sales history.

Real Time associates are experts in the souvenir industry. However, we have determined that while a seemingly never-ending supply of items exists, not all items necessarily sell strongly or are suitable for all souvenir retailers and attractions. That’s why Real Time is willing to evaluate your demographics, market and sales strategy to help you qualify a given product or line to ensure it’s the right product for your storefront.

Instead of trying to carry every item that exists in the world of custom souvenirs, Real Time focuses on the absolute strongest core and hot trend items available in the marketplace.

We purposely carry several hundred of the absolute best products because by the time we offer it to our customers, we have extensively researched sales trends, new item potential, supplier reliability and integrity, consistency, and other factors. All of this ensures that we offer the best selection of new and core items available.

All of our products and vendors are chosen because they are proven to deliver when you need them, are of superior quality, and are consistent from order to order. Purchase custom souvenirs from Real Time and you'll understand why attractions all across the country rely on us for their custom souvenir needs year after year!

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